Feed Techno Focus Co., Ltd.

We are supply for good quality feed ingredients.

Feed Techno Focus Co., Ltd. : FTF has been established in November 2001 with the business mission of updated animal feed technology.
By educational background of the major founders in animal nutrition and animal health, we put the long experiences synergistically in business development of company growth.

FTF to be partnering for customer both feed mill and farm.
Our product use in both land based animal and aquaculture feed.
Our product have R&D to be appropriate with customer.
We have experience more than 15 year in animal feed business.

Business Field

Feed flavor & sweetener, vitamin & mineral premix,
Fermented hydrolyze soybean, Single Cell protein,
Feed enzyme, Antioxidant, Mold inhibitor, Acidifier,
Toxin binder, Pellet binder and Feed raw material etc.

The business for FTF focus does not only in Thailand
but also extend to Indo-China market as Lao, Cambodia Vietnam and China.

Also we have other company in FeedFOCUS group as following;

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